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Playstation 5, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and More for the Best Gaming Experience

Are you looking for the best gaming consoles currently on the market? Your search has ended. Since the early days of console gaming, the landscape has changed dramatically. Since they’re used to be only a few choices in the video game console market, a bewildering array of options has popped up with varying levels of functionality, features, and even games.

With so many consoles to choose from, finding the right one for your budget and gaming preferences cannot be easy. Although some exclusive games might seal the deal and save you time, most new games are now multi-platform. Not to mention portability, resolution, and frame rate are all factors to consider. As a result, making a decision is not always easy.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled this list of the best gaming consoles currently available, complete with reviews and in-depth descriptions. We’ve put together a list of the best gaming consoles that also double as Blu-Ray players for those who prefer to play their games on the go or at home.

The PlayStation 4 Pro can do more than the original PlayStation 4. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is less powerful and capable than the PS5.

If you’re upgrading from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 4 Pro, you won’t have to start over with your library or pay more for new 4K games because the two systems are backward compatible. Regarding how they look and perform, the PS4 version may be an improvement, but they won’t look or perform quite as well as on the PS5.

In games that have been patched to allow native and upscaled 4K output, the PlayStation 4 Pro was the most powerful console in the PlayStation lineup (until the PlayStation 5 came along). Even if a game hasn’t been patched to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s increased power, you’ll notice a difference in image quality and overall performance thanks to the console’s Boost Mode.

There are some fantastic exclusives and Playstation VR support on this console, just like the standard PS4. As many new releases are cross-generational, the PS4 Pro offers access to them, including Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. However, don’t count on this.

The PS4 Pro is capable, but not every game will output native 4K on the console—many of them will be upscaled as the console doesn’t have quite the degree of power required to maintain native 4K resolution and run a big game with consistent frame rates—if you want that, then the PS5 is probably a better option.

Even with the PS4 Pro, there is no good backward compatibility for previous console generations like there was on the PS4. Additionally, there is no integrated Ultra HD Blu-ray player, so this isn’t the console for you if you want to play your physical 4K media. Playback of standard Blu-rays and the ability to stream content from 4K-capable services are still supported.

It may not be worth the extra money you’ll spend on this console if you don’t already own a PS4 standard console and a 4K HDR TV or simply don’t care about the sharper visuals in games. It’s a cheaper entry point into 4K gaming than the PS5.

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