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The Very Best Children’s Video Games

The idea that video games are only for kids is becoming more and more old-fashioned with each passing year. Today’s most popular movies are mature, not only in terms of the amount of blood and gore they contain but also in terms of their attempts to address important issues. There is no guarantee that they will succeed, but they are making an effort. Adult gamers can be found in droves, as these games demonstrate repeatedly. We must never lose sight of children’s an integral part of the gaming community. Many of us were enamored with video games in our youth because of their addictive nature.

There’s a long history of subpar games designed to milk unsuspecting parents of their hard-earned money. So it’s critical to highlight the best games for kids: The best that this medium has to offer should be made available to the youngest players.

Here are our top picks for the best video games for kids available on everything from smartphones and tablets to cutting-edge gaming consoles.

Among Us

In 2020, this mobile manipulation game, first released in 2018, waited patiently. Among Us was a great way for people of all ages to socialize online, with a little bit of tension thrown in. You and your pals take on the role of members of a space crew tasked with various tasks. Although at least one player is tasked with taking out the others, the victims must recognize the deception before it’s too late. Who said paranoia couldn’t have a good time at a gathering?

Adventures in New Horizons: Animal Crossing

There has never been a time in history when the world has needed one game so desperately. Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to live a peaceful island life surrounded by adorable animal friends and beautiful home decor. Kids who have trouble reading and paying attention may find this game to be a bit too laid back. Even if turnip prices fluctuate, at least they’ll learn not to put their faith in the stock market.


Anyone under 30 who has even a passing familiarity with video games knows how popular Fortnite has become. It’s not just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. There aren’t many other games that have garnered so much attention for their use of pop culture references, such as Marvel and Star Wars. Finally, we’ll exit the battle bus together.

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