5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019 - 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019
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5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019

2018 was a successful year for video games, many reached and others even exceeded the expectations of the gamers. The year promised to put the golden brooch to 12 months. And breathing the air of the new year, it’s the perfect time to review the best and the most outstanding things that 2019 has for […]

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend 1 322x230 - 4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy 322x230 - 3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy

3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy

The Legend of Zelda Saga What You Need To Know 322x230 - The Legend of Zelda Saga - What You Need To Know

The Legend of Zelda Saga – What You Need To Know

5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019 - 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019
Tops Video Games

5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019

2018 was a successful year for video games, many reached and others even exceeded the expectations of the gamers. The year promised to put the golden brooch to 12 months. And breathing the air of the new year, it’s the perfect time to review the best and the most outstanding things that 2019 has for […]

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend 1 322x230 - 4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

Hidden treasures 2 Valuable Retro Video Games - Hidden treasures - 2 Valuable Retro Video Games

Hidden treasures – 2 Valuable Retro Video Games

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gaming gafb68dbe8 1920 1210x642 - The Very Best Children's Video Games

The Very Best Children’s Video Games

The idea that video games are only for kids is becoming more and more old-fashioned with each passing year. Today’s most popular movies are mature, not only in terms of the amount of blood and gore they contain but also in terms of their attempts to address important issues. There is no guarantee that they will succeed, but they are making an effort. Adult gamers can be found in droves, as these games demonstrate repeatedly. We must never lose sight of children’s an integral part of the gaming community. Many of us were enamored with video games in our youth because of their addictive nature.

There’s a long history of subpar games designed to milk unsuspecting parents of their hard-earned money. So it’s critical to highlight the best games for kids: The best that this medium has to offer should be made available to the youngest players.

Here are our top picks for the best video games for kids available on everything from smartphones and tablets to cutting-edge gaming consoles.

Among Us

In 2020, this mobile manipulation game, first released in 2018, waited patiently. Among Us was a great way for people of all ages to socialize online, with a little bit of tension thrown in. You and your pals take on the role of members of a space crew tasked with various tasks. Although at least one player is tasked with taking out the others, the victims must recognize the deception before it’s too late. Who said paranoia couldn’t have a good time at a gathering?

Adventures in New Horizons: Animal Crossing

There has never been a time in history when the world has needed one game so desperately. Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to live a peaceful island life surrounded by adorable animal friends and beautiful home decor. Kids who have trouble reading and paying attention may find this game to be a bit too laid back. Even if turnip prices fluctuate, at least they’ll learn not to put their faith in the stock market.


Anyone under 30 who has even a passing familiarity with video games knows how popular Fortnite has become. It’s not just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. There aren’t many other games that have garnered so much attention for their use of pop culture references, such as Marvel and Star Wars. Finally, we’ll exit the battle bus together.

xbox g25fecc5f8 1920 1 1210x642 - Playstation 5, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and More for the Best Gaming Experience

Playstation 5, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and More for the Best Gaming Experience

Are you looking for the best gaming consoles currently on the market? Your search has ended. Since the early days of console gaming, the landscape has changed dramatically. Since they’re used to be only a few choices in the video game console market, a bewildering array of options has popped up with varying levels of functionality, features, and even games.

With so many consoles to choose from, finding the right one for your budget and gaming preferences cannot be easy. Although some exclusive games might seal the deal and save you time, most new games are now multi-platform. Not to mention portability, resolution, and frame rate are all factors to consider. As a result, making a decision is not always easy.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled this list of the best gaming consoles currently available, complete with reviews and in-depth descriptions. We’ve put together a list of the best gaming consoles that also double as Blu-Ray players for those who prefer to play their games on the go or at home.

The PlayStation 4 Pro can do more than the original PlayStation 4. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is less powerful and capable than the PS5.

If you’re upgrading from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 4 Pro, you won’t have to start over with your library or pay more for new 4K games because the two systems are backward compatible. Regarding how they look and perform, the PS4 version may be an improvement, but they won’t look or perform quite as well as on the PS5.

In games that have been patched to allow native and upscaled 4K output, the PlayStation 4 Pro was the most powerful console in the PlayStation lineup (until the PlayStation 5 came along). Even if a game hasn’t been patched to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s increased power, you’ll notice a difference in image quality and overall performance thanks to the console’s Boost Mode.

There are some fantastic exclusives and Playstation VR support on this console, just like the standard PS4. As many new releases are cross-generational, the PS4 Pro offers access to them, including Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. However, don’t count on this.

The PS4 Pro is capable, but not every game will output native 4K on the console—many of them will be upscaled as the console doesn’t have quite the degree of power required to maintain native 4K resolution and run a big game with consistent frame rates—if you want that, then the PS5 is probably a better option.

Even with the PS4 Pro, there is no good backward compatibility for previous console generations like there was on the PS4. Additionally, there is no integrated Ultra HD Blu-ray player, so this isn’t the console for you if you want to play your physical 4K media. Playback of standard Blu-rays and the ability to stream content from 4K-capable services are still supported.

It may not be worth the extra money you’ll spend on this console if you don’t already own a PS4 standard console and a 4K HDR TV or simply don’t care about the sharper visuals in games. It’s a cheaper entry point into 4K gaming than the PS5.

games g92ee3f53e 1920 1 1210x642 - The top gaming consoles for 2022

The top gaming consoles for 2022

If you’re a gamer, you’re in for a treat. If you’re in the market for a new video game console, now is the best time because there are so many new titles being released each month. Does the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox One S suffice? If gaming on the go is more your style, the latest Nintendo Switch OLED may be right for you.

We’ve had a lot of experience with these options and are confident that whichever one you choose will be good. These devices have something for everyone, from their impressive visuals to their smooth performance and ability to take your gaming experiences with you wherever you go. This list will only get longer as the Valve Steam Deck is released shortly.

Our recommendation is to buy your console as soon as possible, regardless of which console you plan on purchasing. Over the past year, supply issues have made it difficult to obtain any top consoles, and the availability of these sought-after gaming machines is short-lived.

Regardless of your gaming preferences, we can help you find the right video game console.

To explain why we went with the PlayStation 5, here are the reasons: The PS5 is the best plug-and-play gaming platform on the market, thanks to its lightning-fast load times, new controller, and a stellar lineup of launch titles (including fan favorites and new exclusives).

First and foremost, the PS5 currently holds a significant advantage in terms of titles. Since its launch, the PlayStation has been a favorite gaming platform for fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, and Godfall. Halo Infinite was released in 2021, and Xbox fans could finally play it, but there aren’t many other high-profile exclusives on the horizon. PlayStation 5 owners won’t be without access to late-gen titles like The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima, thanks to Sony finally implementing backward compatibility. The PlayStation 5 has the best game library of any console.

However, the strong launch lineup for the PS5 is only one factor to consider. Extending the DualShock 4’s haptic feedback, the new DualSense controller adds precise touch to gaming that force feedback never achieved. Hand triggers can convey the tension you’re feeling, such as when you’re using your stamina bar to pull back a bowstring or trying to break down a locked door. When combined with PSVR’s ongoing support, new technology creates a more immersive gaming platform.

The eight-core CPU, based on a modified version of AMD’s Ryzen line, is used in both console iterations, as are the peripherals and other hardware. PS5’s GPU is made by AMD and provides 10.28 teraflops of power, allowing for more advanced lighting in games while supporting resource-intensive processes like ray tracing. A 4K Blu-ray player rounds out the package, putting it on par with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X in terms of features. The PS5 is technically less powerful than the Xbox Series X, but it still packs a punch and represents a massive upgrade over the previous generation of consoles.

Look no further than the PS5 Digital Edition if discs aren’t your thing or if you want to save money. In terms of specifications, it is identical to the standard PS5, but it costs $100 less. You can’t play Ultra HD Blu-rays on the Digital Edition because it doesn’t have a disc drive, so you’ll have to use digital downloads instead. Other than that, everything remains the same.

Even after more than a year on the market, PS5s are still hard to come by due to a lack of chips.

5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019 - 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019
Tops Video Games

5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019

2018 was a successful year for video games, many reached and others even exceeded the expectations of the gamers. The year promised to put the golden brooch to 12 months. And breathing the air of the new year, it’s the perfect time to review the best and the most outstanding things that 2019 has for us; they must overcome a tremendously high expectation.

If we start with releases like Kingdom Hearts III or Resident Evil 2 there are reasons to be optimistic, so here are the most anticipated games for this year.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Being its release date on November 18 by the company Bandai Namco; Namco’s aerial combat saga, returns with some really good improvements, fully designed to take advantage of virtual reality, a double success if we take into account that now the climate and the environment affect both, the airplane and our interface.



It will be launched on February 22 by the Electronic Arts and Boware Companies like 24kazino.com. Anthem, could be considered the answer to Destiny, from BioWare. Its gaming experience stands out from Bungie’s proposal, allowing us to discover an exotic planet in the Iron Man style. People expect a lot from this game as it is the strongest bet of Electronic Arts for 2019.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

It Is still to determine the date of its release, certainly Bloodstained will be released for the platforms of PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC by the company Deep Silver. Fortunately, Koji Igarashi, is clear on how to give continuity to a genre he helped set up. What does not take away, of course, that Bloodstained takes more time in the oven than we would like.

Days Gone


This will be released on April 26 only for the PS4 platform by Sony; although it may not be the new license of Sony with the greatest impact, it should not be taken for granted, since it could be a great success. Also, you can reserve it for just 64,95 Euros.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Although its launch date is to determine, the saga of strategy of Intelligent, little by little is achieving more success. If we have already met the main characters and a very good selection of wrestlers, it was a matter of time that this received a better recognition, this game does not look wrong at all.

This is our list of the most anticipated games for the public of this year. What is your favorite and which one do you think will be the winner of GOTY 2019? We are eager to know the new worlds of these games and we are still waiting dates to start 2019 with all.

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend 1 1210x642 - 4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend
Tops Video Games

4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

For many people, there is nothing better than playing video games with their friends, although there are many great titles to play alone. Today we talk about several games to play with your friends.


Anthem is the new video game developed by Bioware, a Canadian company known for being responsible for sagas such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. The game was presented during E3 2017, at the Electronic Arts conference.

It will be an action game, with a touch of RPG, in a shared open world, where the player will have to team up with friends to explore a world with a primitive environment.

The Blackout Club

This game is a four-player cooperative terror adventure, developed by a veteran team that has worked on titles such as BioShock 2 and Dishonored. This quest video game, puts us in the shoes of a group of youths, who must find their missing friend.

They’ll have to escape from the watchful eye of adults, who seem to have succumbed to a kind of mind control. Players must join forces in TBC, combining special abilities of each character, to perform all kinds of mission,s ranging from the search of very specific objects, to the vigilance of enemies.


Based on a legend from Peruvian folkloreTunche, Tunche is a 2D beat ’em up game, that tells a mysterious story. Combining hand-drawn animations, with challenging gameplay and relentless fighting, the game creates an unforgettable fight experience, through hordes of monsters inhabiting the depths of the Amazon jungle.

Crackdown 3

The Crackdown series, takes the leap to the next generation with Crackdown 3, which comes for Xbox One and PC. It has an open world of multiplayer action of great intensity, dynamism, freedom and the usual superpowers in Crackdown, in addition to an impressive level of destruction in the multiplayer mode, provided by Microsoft Cloud technology.

From action with a dash of RPG, to 2D wonders, and instance multiplayer destruction, we picked titles recently released. These are the perfect games to play with your friends, for endless hours of group fun.

3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy 1210x642 - 3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy
Video Games

3 Classic Adventure Games to Enjoy

Realizing adventure games have existed for over thirty years, is amazing. Over the decades we have seen many classics reaching the heart of many old-school players, and even today are producing new games as tributes. Taking their stories into account, which would be worthy of being the best classic adventure titles? We’ll see right here.


Riven proved to be superior to the adventure games of the time in all respects, providing an incomparable depth of exquisite visual experience, puzzle integration and exorbitant narrative. The premise, at times may seem simple or thin, but Riven always managed to be a much more complex and unified set of islands, a playable marvel that delights gamers with the exploration of its lakes, volcanic cliffs and beaches, many of which are accessible through difficult puzzles and casino.

The Beast Within

The Beast Within is a game made by and for the story. The gameplay is perfectly simplified, pretty enjoyable. Although it may not be a cup of tea for all, the video presentation of the movement of the characters is also simple.

Jane Jensen, has been considered the best writer and designer of games for the acclaimed Sierra, with a script full of impressive plot twists and a magnificent progression of characters.

Grim Fandango

In Grim Fandango, the memorable characters of the game, are almost overshadowed by environments full of clever ideas and tough puzzles. The Land of the Dead is the main stage and home of unforgettable characters. Here, you will visit magical places like the Rubacava and some other fun areas, with great history and the best characters in an adventure game.

The history of adventure video games began thirty years ago, and it’s still one of the largest industries in the world. Here we have seen the best of the classics of gaming, belonging to that industry. In the future, we will keep remembering the games, which have been so fun, and always kept us happy and smiling.

The Legend of Zelda Saga What You Need To Know 1210x642 - The Legend of Zelda Saga - What You Need To Know
Video Games

The Legend of Zelda Saga – What You Need To Know

This 32 year old saga was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, two famous and talented Japanese game designers. So far it has produced over 19 installments in Nintendo by itself. It is a must play for all video games fans out there, but what are the things you should know before joining Link in his adventure to save Princess Zelda?

Start at the Beginning

This saga was born in 1986 for the NES console and if you would like to start from the very beginning, you will be happy to know that this very early installment has made available for a number of modern consoles such as GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Wii, among others. So there’s no excuse not to check it out.

The Hero

You will be playing Link, not Zelda. This is a common mistake those not familiar with the series tends to make, thinking the main character that they play with is named Zelda. As a matter of fact you are Link, trying to save Princess Zelda from a number of perils which vary throughout all the Saga’s Installments.

Ever Present

With a few changes here and there, there are elements ever present in the whole saga, such as miniature puzzles, the Triforce, side quests and the fact that it is all based in the fictional world of Hyrule. Each installment of The Legend of Zelda offers a wide variety of side quests as well with many memorable secondary characters.

All in all, this is quite an entertaining saga, one no self-respecting gamer could ever pass up on. Whether you like it modern or old school, there’s plenty to choose and it will always feel familiar and fun.

Hidden treasures 2 Valuable Retro Video Games - Hidden treasures - 2 Valuable Retro Video Games
Tops Video Games

Hidden treasures – 2 Valuable Retro Video Games

leased, but here are some oldies but goodies for gamers who love the classics]

So you’re a big time gamer, you have all the consoles and you are up to date with all the latest installments of your favorite Sagas and developers. It may be because you’re young, or just forgot about these, but our list is guaranteed to provide you with some oldies but goodies for your enjoyment.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

One of the main reasons this game is so amazing has to be George Tobbart, a wonderful main character who can make anybody fall in love with his antiques. With George you’ll globetrot among outstanding cartoon imagery, join forces with French journalists solving challenging puzzles, complete with top notch voice acting and the excellently developed story.

Starting with a coffee shop blown up by a clown, and ending up in the middle of a conflict with the Templar Knights, this is a vintage game that no gamer should ever miss.

The Longest Journey

In this wonderful game, science and fantasy collide to provide you hours of fun as you discover the story, which revolves around a girl named April who has an incredible ability of shifting between both scientific and fantastic worlds, and as she starts travelling she naturally starts to learn more about herself as well.

If you are a reader who also loves solving puzzles this is the game for you. The story is presented in beautifully written dialogues, with many a challenging puzzle. This is precisely the type of game that doesn’t have amazing modern graphics, but will still grip you and not let go.

There you go, two old school new gems for you to check out, or go back to. Sometimes the saying “out with the old and in with the new” can prove to get boring or just too monotonous, so shake your routine with these two vintage games.

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