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4 Online Games to Enjoy With a Friend

For many people, there is nothing better than playing video games with their friends, although there are many great titles to play alone. Today we talk about several games to play with your friends.


Anthem is the new video game developed by Bioware, a Canadian company known for being responsible for sagas such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. The game was presented during E3 2017, at the Electronic Arts conference.

It will be an action game, with a touch of RPG, in a shared open world, where the player will have to team up with friends to explore a world with a primitive environment.

The Blackout Club

This game is a four-player cooperative terror adventure, developed by a veteran team that has worked on titles such as BioShock 2 and Dishonored. This quest video game, puts us in the shoes of a group of youths, who must find their missing friend.

They’ll have to escape from the watchful eye of adults, who seem to have succumbed to a kind of mind control. Players must join forces in TBC, combining special abilities of each character, to perform all kinds of mission,s ranging from the search of very specific objects, to the vigilance of enemies.


Based on a legend from Peruvian folkloreTunche, Tunche is a 2D beat ’em up game, that tells a mysterious story. Combining hand-drawn animations, with challenging gameplay and relentless fighting, the game creates an unforgettable fight experience, through hordes of monsters inhabiting the depths of the Amazon jungle.

Crackdown 3

The Crackdown series, takes the leap to the next generation with Crackdown 3, which comes for Xbox One and PC. It has an open world of multiplayer action of great intensity, dynamism, freedom and the usual superpowers in Crackdown, in addition to an impressive level of destruction in the multiplayer mode, provided by Microsoft Cloud technology.

From action with a dash of RPG, to 2D wonders, and instance multiplayer destruction, we picked titles recently released. These are the perfect games to play with your friends, for endless hours of group fun.

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