Hidden treasures 2 Valuable Retro Video Games - Hidden treasures - 2 Valuable Retro Video Games
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Hidden treasures – 2 Valuable Retro Video Games

leased, but here are some oldies but goodies for gamers who love the classics]

So you’re a big time gamer, you have all the consoles and you are up to date with all the latest installments of your favorite Sagas and developers. It may be because you’re young, or just forgot about these, but our list is guaranteed to provide you with some oldies but goodies for your enjoyment.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

One of the main reasons this game is so amazing has to be George Tobbart, a wonderful main character who can make anybody fall in love with his antiques. With George you’ll globetrot among outstanding cartoon imagery, join forces with French journalists solving challenging puzzles, complete with top notch voice acting and the excellently developed story.

Starting with a coffee shop blown up by a clown, and ending up in the middle of a conflict with the Templar Knights, this is a vintage game that no gamer should ever miss.

The Longest Journey

In this wonderful game, science and fantasy collide to provide you hours of fun as you discover the story, which revolves around a girl named April who has an incredible ability of shifting between both scientific and fantastic worlds, and as she starts travelling she naturally starts to learn more about herself as well.

If you are a reader who also loves solving puzzles this is the game for you. The story is presented in beautifully written dialogues, with many a challenging puzzle. This is precisely the type of game that doesn’t have amazing modern graphics, but will still grip you and not let go.

There you go, two old school new gems for you to check out, or go back to. Sometimes the saying “out with the old and in with the new” can prove to get boring or just too monotonous, so shake your routine with these two vintage games.

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