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The Legend of Zelda Saga – What You Need To Know

This 32 year old saga was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, two famous and talented Japanese game designers. So far it has produced over 19 installments in Nintendo by itself. It is a must play for all video games fans out there, but what are the things you should know before joining Link in his adventure to save Princess Zelda?

Start at the Beginning

This saga was born in 1986 for the NES console and if you would like to start from the very beginning, you will be happy to know that this very early installment has made available for a number of modern consoles such as GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Wii, among others. So there’s no excuse not to check it out.

The Hero

You will be playing Link, not Zelda. This is a common mistake those not familiar with the series tends to make, thinking the main character that they play with is named Zelda. As a matter of fact you are Link, trying to save Princess Zelda from a number of perils which vary throughout all the Saga’s Installments.

Ever Present

With a few changes here and there, there are elements ever present in the whole saga, such as miniature puzzles, the Triforce, side quests and the fact that it is all based in the fictional world of Hyrule. Each installment of The Legend of Zelda offers a wide variety of side quests as well with many memorable secondary characters.

All in all, this is quite an entertaining saga, one no self-respecting gamer could ever pass up on. Whether you like it modern or old school, there’s plenty to choose and it will always feel familiar and fun.

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